PEAK Retail Training Program

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PEAK Retail Training Program

PEAK helps individuals develop customer service, sales and leadership skills which are crucial for in-store retail associates and managers.  These core skills help retail employees become more productive, valued and rewarded in their employment, which in turn provides better in-store performance.  Each course is offered on a stand-alone basis, the individual courses complement one another, and the complete series offers a well-rounded training in retail customer service, sales and human resources. 

PEAK Online is a self-directed, easy to use online tool that allows users to take the entire PEAK course at their own pace, any time of day.

Retail Council of Canada Member Price : $229.00 (Non - Member $359.00) 

If you are not an active member of Retail Council of Canada, please contact us at for member info and non-member pricing.

Modules include

Keeping the Customer Satisfied
Topics include: Knowing Your Customer, Determining Their Needs, Meeting Their Needs, First Impressions, Building Relationships, Store Appearance, Product Displays & Signage, Employee Interaction

Managing Difficult Situations
Topics include: Communications Breakdown, Perception Problems, Lack of Knowledge/Understanding, Listening Skills, Personality Profiles, Communicating with Other People, The Energy of Emotions, Identifying Complaints or Problems, and Problem-Solving Skills

Above and Beyond
Topics Include: Job vs. Career, Satisfied Customers, Happy Employers and Fulfilled Employees

Basic Selling Skills
Topics include: Selling Cycle, Moments of Truth, Expecting a Sale, the Approach, The Sales Process, The Close, Add-Ons & Cross Promotions and Maintaining the Relationship

Psychology of Selling
Topics include: Understands Yourself, Understanding Your Customers, Communication Psychology- Buying Signals and Non-Verbal Communication

Secrets to Increased Sales
Topics include: Three Methods to Increase Sales, Knowing the Products, Selling the Features and Benefit, To Sell Is to Serve, Sales Opportunities, and “Closing the SALE” Method

Management Leadership
Topics include: The Three C’s of Leadership, Becoming an Effective Coach, Communication for Leaders and Compassion – the Human Side of Leadership

Building a Team Environment
Topics Include: How Teams Work, Communication with the Team, Leading the Team and Motivating the Team.